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Biarritz Airport to Pau

I have to go to Pau in June. My flight arrive in Biarritz at 17:15 pm. What will be the best and fastest route to Pau. How far is Bayonne train station from Biarritz Airport? Or is it better to go via Biarritz train station.

The fastest way is to hire a car. Otherwise I'd suggest taking the bus plus the train. You can take either bus C to the Biarritz train station or bus 14 to the Bayonne train station. I don't know the distance between the airport and Bayonne, but the bus takes about 40 minutes. The bus to Biarritz train station takes about 10 minutes. Either way there are trains to Pau for Biarritz or Bayonne up until about 7:45 pm. Travel time is about 1 hour for Bayonne and 2 hours for Biarritz and cost is about €20 from both locations. For both bus lines there are 2-3 buses an hour until 8:15 pm for Biarritz and 7:15 pm for Bayonne. Cost for each is €1.

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