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Biarritz Airport to the Bayonne Train Station

Hi There, I have to get to Pau and have decided to fly into Biarritz, what is the best way to get to Bayonne station? and how much would a taxi cost?

There’s a bus that runs between the Biarritz Airport and Bayonne Train Station. The official Biarritz Airport web site states bus 8A or 8B. Whereas the company that runs the line Chronoplus, states on their web site to use bus C from the airport. According to the Chronoplus web site you have to transfer in Bayonne to bus A2 at the stop ‘Mairie’ (town hall). Not sure what to make of it as I’ve never taken the bus from Biarritz Airport to Bayonne Train Station. I guess the back up would be taking a taxi. It’s about €20 from the airport to Bayonne Train Station.

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