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Biarritz to San Sebastian & Hondarribia Spain

Can you tell me the best way to get to San Sebastian & Hondarribia Spain from Biarritz? Are there buses or trains? Many thanks for the help.

I'm sorry but I haven't had much luck. The only train I can find to San Sebastian is over night and takes 12 hours. It seems to leave daily at about 5.30 pm from Biarritz and gets into San Sebastian at 6.30 am. You have to transfer twice. I couldn't find any trains going to Hondarribia (aka Fontarrabie). What seems best is going to Hendaye on the Spanish border. The trips take about 40 minutes and there seem to be lots of trains throughout the day. But I'm not sure how to get from Hendaye to either San Sebastian & Hondarribia.
I the only suggestion I have is to hire a car and drive.

Added by a reader:
There is a Spanish bus company, Pesa that goes from San Sebastian to Biarritz town twice a day and to Biarritz Airport once a day. For Hondarribia, the best thing would be to go to Irun by bus (with the same company) and then use the local bus company to make to trip to Hondarribia. I hope you find this of help.

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